Tuesday, August 16, 2011

21st Century Cafe @Mewah Club, Kajang

Spend the Sunday practically touring KL with Irene to collect her stocks from the supplier. We nearly managed to get lost in the Titiwangsa area, can't remember when was the last time I step a foot there but it was fun, laughing all the way, having some catch up session! Was starving on our way back, with her husband away at Kuantan, I snap her up for dinner with the boyf. Due to her very-the-normal-weird-cravings all these time, she decided 3 weeks had been a too long wait for her mushroom soup & hence, she brought us to this place, 21st Century Cafe @Mewah Club in Kajang.

That place just managed to become one of my favorite places at the first sight. I will just describe it as Kajang's look out point! Located in Mewah Club right beside the swimming pool, its just another look out point, only just this one, is overlooking Kajang instead of KL! Its comfy & windy enough & better than the look out point in Ampang, this one serve tons of imported beers! And the menu is wide-ranged as well, serving from typical western cuisine to local cuisine to fresh seafood & "wok"-cuisines!

Chocolate milkshake coming up in a s h o e! Its definitely thicker than most chocolate shakes I drink outside!
Tropical fruit tea..
And Irene's hot honey lemon that come serving in an OldTown White Coffee cup =_="
Reason why we are here =_=" Mushroom soup.. Its not that its very good but its because of the c r a v i n g s again!
My must-have, baked escargots!
His must have, fried spring roll!
Smoked chicken..
Sizzling chicken chop & grilled prawns..
Guess what's thissssss!!??!
Cheese fondue! Yes! They serve this as well! If you like escargot sauces, try this! Its similar to that but only more cheesier.. But still, if you are to made it to my preference, I would want it to be even more cheeessyyy!

Night was spent with love, 3 of us laughing till all of us got cramps.. Definitely not a good thing for my Irene love! Grrr!! Double date soon *winks*

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