Monday, September 27, 2010

1st month anni baby love ♥

Never would had dream that we would have this day again. The chance to be back together after all these years. With the thought that you're just someone who came & left my life years ago, I was surprised when God reintroduce you to my life, not just as a friend, but something more, someone important, someone I grew to love more & more each day.

Happy 1st month anni my baby boi♥ Let's hope this is a start that will end till the day we die :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I call it a quickie ♥

Have a post that had been sitting around for a month because there's still about 50 more pictures to upload & I'm too lazy for it :( Awh.. Life has been really good these days, especially every little single moment spent with him. He makes me feel blessed & loved, giving me everything he could. I'm constantly pampered with lotsa good food *he wants me to eat 5 meals a day which I think its a lil' over* & lotsa jokes, heart2heart talks & just plainly be there for me whenever I need him.

But seriously, I've to get my lazy bump to work on my assignments which I'm truly slacking off! Someone pwease do the job for me :(