Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To blog or not to blog =/

Spent some time going through some blogs I used to read last time & it reminded me of my own non-existence blog. I wonder why I stop blogging, used to love the idea of blogging, writing whatever that was on my mind, that was bugging me to this place I call my "modern-era-diary". I realized as I grew older, I found it harder to write how I used to, how I could write anything & everything. I put restrict on myself, on what I write & only write things I thought will be okay, will be safe. And of course, the fact that I'm now working 2 jobs & taking a short course during weekend makes it all even harder. Barely had the energy & time to get online & start uploading pictures & writing up all.

But I seriously do think having a blog of my own, a place where I can leave parts & bits of memories, a place where I can look back at the path I had walked through, is wonderful. Maybe I should blog back. Or maybe not =/

Anyway, before its too late, Happy Chinese New Year & Happy belated Valentine's to my friends out there :) Cheers!