Monday, August 30, 2010

Honesty ♥

Being honest to one another is the first step to build up a solid trust foundation. Although it might hurt like hell, being able to open up to everything, knowing that there's no secrets and miscommunication with the one you love means a lot to me. It might sound cheesy, but I never feel so happy for such a long time.

Somethings come unexpected & I truly believe in fate.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thanks God I found you♥

27th August 2010

You popped the question in a totally wrong environment & I just smiled & say yes.. Its your words & your heart that mean everything to me & you by my side, that's all that matter.

Thanks God that I found you.

Praying hard & hoping for a future that has me & you in it, not as two, but as one.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Infamous assignment night!

Greetings all the way from Melbourne! Long night ahead! Its the infamous assignment night in a student's life! And I'm now stuck on how to write a "mentorship diary" Any help out there huh?? Crapping for nothinggg.. Pure randomness it is!!

Good day peopleee! More to good nightttt.. Ahhh.. Long night ahead! Chiong arghhh!

Btw, my old habit never dies.. Listening to house music at stress time makes me feel nothing but peace & calm!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friends are meant to be treasured & cherished.

Leaving to Melbourne had been a last minute thing, a real rush & I'm grateful for every little single effort my friends made. Managed to meet up with few of the people whom I truly cherish & appreciated & for those whom I didn't manage to meet up, they sent me their wishes & regards & their loves which I brought all the way with me to Melbourne :)

The 3 fellas who came all the way to Cheras for a late night yamcha session at Gilly Cafe :)
The "perverted" friend of mine, Jee Sern :)
A guy who had been there for me throughout all the ups & downs in the past 3 years. And I thank God for letting us know each other. Can't wait for you to come over to Melbourne!
And the bandaraya fella friend of mine, Daniel. Well, it took quite some effort to make him come all the way but it was worth it & his heart is as sincere as an angel :)

Met up with 2 of my ex-colleagues who became friends who meant a lot even after I left the job..
Introducing Eugene..
..& Jessica who insisted on no picture taken =X
And me.. Lunch & catch up session at KimGary.. Headed down to Subang next for my final haircut before I fly at my favorite saloon!
ID Saloon @ Subang Avenue.. Everything I ever needed & wanted is all offer here :)
While waiting for my besty Yang to arrive..
And the retarded Winson who entertained me throughout it all..
Taa daa..
A hair cut that is not truly meant for the style for the time being but for the convenience sake of "growing-it-back-long".. I'm so craving for a hair cut & treatment from them right now!

Night yamcha session with my favorite Subang people @ Station 1, Kuchai Lama!

Wei Huaaaa!! Please don't be angry about the picture banner thingyy!! Heree.. Your big big picture :)
And the retarded couple :)
See Wei Hua.. Another picture of you!
And another again!
The 3 of us.. Phaik Teng, me & Bunnykins :)
And the group pictureee..
We start fooling around with what's available..
Brian demand for a toying process..
..And he got what he wants!
End of ittt =_="
I seriously wonder how many tissues we wasted that night.. We're so not environmental friendly for the night :(
Nice riggghhhtt???
Cuteee! And I'm sure my bunnykins had the best time during his birthday.. Sorry I couldn't be there :( But I'm sure the others made it up for you..
And finally, neverless my lil' sheep Wei Hua!

I miss you guys so much.. Wondering when's the next time I'm gonna see you guys again? Sending all the love in the world back to M'sia!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

La Bodega ♥

Days before I leave were filled with gatherings/unformal farewell of all sorts & a wine session is never the least a MUST to have :) Headed down to La Bodega with the friends for my favorite wine in M'sia & its really really good♥
Gotta thank my sweetie April for loaning me her camera for the night =P A shot with Jacklyn with Jun's head popping into the shot as well! Attention whore XD
Me & Jian
The sister's boyfriend, Jay
And neverless the beautiful Doreen =P
Red winnnneee♥
Is the lovveeee♥♥
The girls :) The only person missing will be my sister who wasn't around at that time :(
And the group picture of us :) It was a good night though, one that is filled with laughter & good memories :) Looking at all this pictures makes me miss them & Malaysia even more :(

More on my last few days in KL soon with my other precious♥

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Greetings from Melbourne ♥

Hola people :) Its been so long since I last blogged, but I'm sure all my friends know why. It was a really hectic period for me, both physically & emotionally but everything is settled now. Decision was made & here I'm at Melbourne. Apologize for all the people I didn't manage to meet before I leave & thanks to all the precious people who make me last few days in KL memorable & the effort they put into it :) The weather right now is a lil' hectic, wind howling outside & sounds of rain splattering against the window. Effin' cold so I guess its bed time for me. Gotta wake up 7 tomorrow for class *yawn*

One of my short escape to the beach in Melbourne. The ♥ for the ocean will never change :)

Stay tune for more. Like I said before, this blog is about the same old me, yet a brand new life :) Will update more often! Hola people!

Nighty nighty♥