Sunday, October 31, 2010

2nd monthsary♥

Surprised the boyf out on the monthsary anni.. A simple date out just the 2 of us.. Made reservation at the boyf's favorite Chinese restaurant, Crystal Jade. My first time there & it was really really good (well, in Melbourne anyway!) Its kinda pricey though but all worth it when I see the boyf gets happy & eat bowls of rice :)

Taiwan 3-cup-chicken in yam bowl♥
Oyster sauce kai lan♥
And the boyf's favorite, deep fried prawn in salted egg♥

Headed to both of our favorite past time, karaoke time! First time singing with just the both of us though.. Sang for the first time in Melbourne non-stop for 5 hours & not a single drop of alcohol. Trust me, its really really rare in Melbourne to sing & NOT drink!
The boyf absorbed in the never-ending list of songs!
The man who put a smile on my face. The one who brighten my dark moments and warm me through the coldest days♥

Went officially broke by the end of the night because I decided to treat him for the whole day. A big hole in the bank account but no regrets there. For him, its all worth it :) Although there's still a long road ahead of us, with this just as the beginning, I never regret choosing this path, even though there's time when we break down, when we sad, when we cry.

I don't believe in the existence of a perfect relationship. But I believe in putting in every single drop of effort, love, care & trust in the relationship.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Just feels like life is making a fool out of me.. Just as I have started to settled down, it all comes back to the same old problem. The problem that I thought I had solved right before I leave M'sia. The problem that makes me starts from 0. Now, they want me to make another decision, same problem & start from 0 again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Monthsary my love♥

The clock struck 12 and its our 2nd monthsary together :) Glad that I make the effort & drove down to surprise you despite being half drunk & tired.. This week is gonna be a tough week for the both of us & we're gonna work hard to get what we want :) Let's pray hard that everything will go smooth my love.. Thanks for being there for me when I needed.. You're one of the greatest present that God gives me & I'm gonna cherish every single moment we have.. Words can't describe how I'm feeling right now.. Just with the thought of you in my mind makes me feels warm inside out.. Too bad you're aren't beside me right now :(

When you try to act all serious.. I just love disturbing you..
Especially when you're busy gaming..
I know I can be real annoying sometimes..
And I loves it when you pay attention to me :) My love, my heart, my attention, my care, everything I have & possess is all I can give to you.. And I'll work hard to give you more because you have given me so much, lighting up my life when its in its darkest, bleakest moment..

Happy 2nd Monthsary my lil' smelly boi..

Another random ranting..

Here I'm at my own blog ranting, ranting & always ranting. An escape I always use when I'm feeling too lazy to complete all my major projects which is due next week. One 30-second animation, 3 webpage design and one blog due. Don't be surprised if you come over another 2 blog of mine as I have assignments due in the form of blog but its related to certain issues and topics which mean basically I've no more time for this blog of mine!

There's so many other problems in my head right now, mostly family stuffs which makes my head go right round & round & round.. Family comes first no matter what & they are always on the top of my priority list & highest influence when it comes to decision making.. Things might not be going the way we want it to be, but somehow, I'll try my best to work out the best solution for all of us & contribute to the people I love.. Breaking down now is definitely a no-no as it will do nothing but giving more pressure & problems to the people I love.. Stay strong Cristine Cheng!!

Missing my boyfriend much now though :( At least, he's someone that I could really talk to about everything & gives me the best advice & a shoulder to lean on..

[p/s: realize the font that I previously used are not supported by most pcs especially Macs because I run tests for all kind of webpages in uni, reverted it back to Georgia & will think of something later.. I'm a fan of Georgia when it come to common fonts.. Weirdo me..]

Saturday, October 23, 2010


A few things that always put a smile on my face:

Having a girlfriend telling me she missed me out of random :)

Bumped into a baby on the street :)

Listening to the laughing voice of my family member :)

Being surrounded by kids :)

A simple message from anyone who truly cares :)

Having a coffee & muffin on a sunny day :)

Listening to the sound of waves :)

And neverless, a simple hug & kiss out of random from my boyfriend :)

The list goes on.. Its all simple things that makes life beautiful :) It don't take much to make me happy.. And it makes me extremely happy when I see the all the people I love around me happy :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I've a feeling I'm in the wrong class again. Correction, I'm in the right room but I missed out some details about where the people are supposed to be for the first half hour. Some sort of tea party if I'm not wrong.. I think Mark is going to go bombastic & start nagging when he sees me again..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Figjam! Figjam!

Sleep had not been kind to me. Filled with tons of nightmares & things I'm afraid of deep down. Started off the morning with a cuppa of coffee & croissant that comes with home-made jam from Figjam Cafe :) Definitely one of the best way to clear my mind up while soaking up some lovely sunlight! Thinking of buying one of their home-made jam home, apricot, peach or fig jam but guess I'm too lazy to buy a loaf of bread & spread jam across it every morning. I'll prolly just end up eating the jam out of the lovely glass jar with a spoon which is definitely not a good, healthy thing to do :(

You guys can practically ignore me. I'm just being random & using blogging as an excuse to take a break from my assignment! Bah!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Korean Sensation ♥

As usual, my kinky friend aka Kenry Lo did nothing better than to drag me to Korean restaurants to stuff our tummy up all the time but me likey :) We share this preference towards Korean food & that's what make us good eating buddies *but only when we're not too broke to do so but most of the time, we are that broke!* Dinner is on him since its my first dinner with him this time in Melbourne *the previous trip doesn't count.. lol* & instead of heading back to our favorite one near Victoria Market, he brought me to this new liking of him located at Bourke Street *cross section with Russell Street* called White Tomato. The reason would be because they serve pork intestine too & its definitely finger-licking-good.

That was how he look like before he got his shooting star haircut :)
Not to forget all the yummy side dishes. Radish in vinegar definitely make my appetite grow!
And they do barbeque in this way instead of the metal-thingy in the middle of the table like most other Korean restaurant do.
Our marinated pork tenderloin :) Was too caught up in catching up session with the buddy as we didn't see each other for more than half a year that I totally forget to capture the dish of the day: pork intestine!!
And instead of soju, we now go for rice wine. Cheap, nice & it gets you high & tipsy & all gigglish but never drunk♥
And it taste much better than soju, somehow it taste like those coconut wine in Telok Gong!
Egg on the house :) Eat it while its freshly serve before all the side start tasting like burnt :)

Returned there for dinner with the boyfriend. Back then, we were just beginning to date. Good memories White Tomato has for me :) Been craving for Korean for quite some time but aiks, been really sick for the past 2 month, especially in the throat department which means no alcohol & barbeque food for me :( Sad case!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Its definitely time to get my final projects done:

1. A 30 second long animation *and to hell to characters that walk, I'm not doing any walk cycle! Sticking to my floating ghost figures*

2. 3 webpage from scratch on Aranui III & get it upload

3. Another 3 paintings, 2 drawings & 1 collage

4. A 6-months, 2-years then 10-years plan after university not in document format but to be presented in a creative way such as a blog, a dance, a song, a video clip, universal hand signals, sounds & never forget the way that until now even Mark *fyi, he's my favorite lecturer :)* couldn't understand : A BOX OF OBJECTS! Hell yeah, none of us are doing on that!

5. Wait a minute, I forget I still have a single presentation left for the following week!

I guess I'm in deep shit this time. Hello hell! Here I come!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Merdeka night out :)

Wonder when was the last time I upload pictures on a blog post huh? *ignoring the fact that I still have a dinner post that I really want to blog about, a dinner before I left M'sia with my darlings with 40 uploaded pictures and another 30 or 40ish pending pictures* A short one since I managed to "skipped" my class today! And I'm definitely blaming it on the HUGE ASS SPIDER, not ONE but TWO in my house crawling around on its own leisure like its on a holiday or something! Seriously, I was up almost all night to get my work done, slept for like 4 hours, forced myself out of bed to get ready to uni, open door & there it is, ONE HUGE ASS SPIDER on the door room. Next thing I know I'm screaming for my boyfriend & my life, slamming on my door & jumped right up on the bed & freaked my boyfriend away. Fyi, he's afraid of bugs too! But well, his reaction is much much better than mine. Had our googl-ing session on how to kill spiders & I even call home for the comfort of my parents & consult them. Then we discuss on how to kill it, burn it, pour hot water on it, smack it, etc. Finally we decided on spraying it with pesticide, which immobilize it for a few seconds then it go all hyper-active moving here & there for its life then for the first one, the boyfriend smacked it so hard with the magazine that it go squishy with blood all over, it just go FLAT! The second one was harder, it was on the front door, took some time to spray it then we used this freaking long metal stick *well not we, it was him, I was just practically standing on top of my dining chair trying hard not to scream* and it was sliced into two.

Sorry little spiders, didn't mean to kill you, it was sinful but I had to get rid of you little guys some how so please, RIP!

End of story, I was freaking late for class then some friend said there's a possibility of hailstorm this afternoon so I just stayed home :) Oh yeah, if you're wondering about my post title, yes, due to the abundance of Malaysians in Melbourne, there's event for Merdeka night, not one but quite a few :) Headed to Silk Road with the all time funny couple Amelia & Chris for the night. Didn't went to Mizz Nina's performance on the other club. Heard that it was great too!

Camwhored a bit before going out.
Miss my silly face?
I know my girls back home do :)
Introducing Chris, Amelia & me :) Miss the Sunway College times don't we?
Went all tomato face after after a glass of vodka & whiskey!
Then my favorite man *beside my boyfriend & brother of course!* in Melbourne joined in too. He never fail to light up my day :)
The all time hilarious lovey dovey couple :)
Handsome ain't he? *make a wish upon the shooting star.. I'm sure Kenry Lo know what it means =P*
And the other bunch of girls that was in the club the other night :) Cempaka times, God, it had been years since I last see them!
Favorite picture of the night! Yes! I'm being perasan!!

Wondering how am I supposed to charge my camera's battery right now with my sis-in-law accidentally packing my charger along back to M'sia!! No pictures taken for about a month! Parents wants to see pictures too!

Time to take a nice sweet afternoon nap. Thinks I'm dying soon with the frequent-ness of me being ill these days, all the long assignment nights & freaking crazy weather here in Melbourne! God bless I can sleep. I'm tired of not being able to sleep & when the time I'm able to, I ended up with nothing but nightmares!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

One of the worst month ever.

September 2010 is definitely not a good month & is really glad it came to an end, hoping this month will be a much better one. So much happened to the people I love. Gillian, Charlotte & Po. It hurts me every single time when I see them hurt so much. Somethings, time can cure. But in some cases, time make everything worst. All that had happened last month had taken a toll on my health. Been sick for almost the whole month & is not feeling much better yet but still, its not such a big deal compared to what happened to my beloved ones.

To my sisters out there, time & love could be the medicine for all of you. I love you no matter where I am.

To my baby love, all I have to offer you to be your pillar of strength while you're here. Please stay strong till you're back. ILY.

Prayers to uncle. Please stay strong & be healthy. Appreciate the effort of you asking about me everyday even when you're sick :) Can't wait to be back!