Friday, June 25, 2010

Random outing to Gosh ♥

A random post on a random outing few months back with a few of my fellow Subang lovelies. Last minute thingy to Gosh Club, my first time there & most probably my last. The environment is okay, the music still acceptable but the crowd is not really that good but all that matters at the end would be the people around me which makes the night turning out to be awesome.

The spotlight of the night would be this 18 year old boy, Randy Ng =) Its his first time & definitely a drunk one! And one of the crime-in-partner would be his older brother Andy Ng!
The girls of the night =) My nutty nutty Evonne - me - Jocelyn who's gonna leave to Perth in like a few weeks?The forever lovey dovey couple!
The 3 of us again =)
Me & Jocelyn, gonna miss her when she's over in Perth though.. Maybe a trip to Perth doesn't sound bad now =P
And the last guy of the night, Juice =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

First post ♥

The blog title says it all. A new blog for the same old me, brand new life. The blog is not deleted but oh well, its just part of who I'm back then & its all that happen that make me who I'm today. So much had happen in a single week & a really heavy decision had been made. A decision that comes with hell lot of consequences & a decision that will change my whole life forever. There's still blurry patches here & there but with the decision made, there's not much room for doubt. I'm sure that's what I wanted. Till then, goodbye =)

[Well, what do you guys think of this new blog? Its a lil' orange, a lil' bright, a lil' colourful.. Will improvise on it soon, its just the beginning.]