Friday, September 23, 2011

The "grown-up"

Just how much more adorable can this THING get? She's now all grown up & ready to venture out of the world by herself & her tortoise backpack.. Not to forget her monkeys & golf club as well! Babies & children are one of the best gift God give us besides our life & they never failed to light you up & give you unconditional love.. So pure.. Bahhhh!!
My already 1 & a half years ago niece, Cally Cheng!
Got caught!
Indicating its time to give her more fingerlicious food again!!
Monkey #1
Monkey #1 & #2
All ready to go out nawhhhhh!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary baby boi♥

Another bits of my life that I try not to forget *hence if I really did, guess I could always make my recall back over here*. The title says it all! First anniversary with my baby boi last month! Nothing special or elaborate, did things the way we like it *having the need to work on that day was troublesome though*. But what's worth sharing with all of you guys will be the food! Absolutely-fingerlicous-licking-good Japanese food!

27th August 2011

Managed to get ourself stuck in the weekend jam down to the city which causes changes of plans. Was planning to head down to Pavillion for a cuppa of wine & some shopping first :(
Grumpy camwhoring♥
Coco Tei was the pick for the night. It was once known as Hajime if you guys happens to be a big fan of Japanese food. Changed name & places, but the food are still so damn good, that's for sure! Reserved a private room for the occasion, if you ever need privacy just do so. It just requires a minimum spending of RM500 or an extra charge of RM80 *if I'm not wrong* for a room :)
Their own-made sesame dressing salad. One of the best I've!
Absolutely fresh sashimi, salmon belly & hamachi fish♥
Tried out their chef's recommendation Japanese-style mini pizza..
Gyoza is a must have for bi♥
Grilled scallop in their special sauce, the sauce reminds me of the teppanyaki sauce I used to had back in Kampai @Chapel Street, Melbourne. Scallop are really big & fresh, definitely worth the price..
My Japan flown Kobe beef.. Best eaten in middle or middle rare.. It just melts in your mouth..
Another grilled dish, this time it will be sweet shrimp♥
Some unagi special roll♥
And another of my favorite, pan seared foie gras served with scallop.. But Olive @Genting still made the best foie gras♥♥
Last but not least, their ebi miso mayonese! If you don't try this, you will truly regret this!!
Camwhore while chilling.. Was too full/lazy to head to another spot hence, we ended up chilling, chatting in the comfy room♥
Happy girl I'm (n_n)
He was commenting on how ermm round I had gotten & called me a fishball (o_o)"
Attempted to take picture with the boy who hates doing so!
Failed attempt!
Ended up asking a waiter to take it for us..
You made me who I'm today, filling the gaps that was always a mystery to me, completing my life♥
Back home for our movie&snacks session♥
Goodnight peeps! Love the simple yet meaningful night we have.

It's not the things we do, or where we are, but its the things we talked & shared, the meaning where only both of us know that makes it special.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

21st Century Cafe @Mewah Club, Kajang

Spend the Sunday practically touring KL with Irene to collect her stocks from the supplier. We nearly managed to get lost in the Titiwangsa area, can't remember when was the last time I step a foot there but it was fun, laughing all the way, having some catch up session! Was starving on our way back, with her husband away at Kuantan, I snap her up for dinner with the boyf. Due to her very-the-normal-weird-cravings all these time, she decided 3 weeks had been a too long wait for her mushroom soup & hence, she brought us to this place, 21st Century Cafe @Mewah Club in Kajang.

That place just managed to become one of my favorite places at the first sight. I will just describe it as Kajang's look out point! Located in Mewah Club right beside the swimming pool, its just another look out point, only just this one, is overlooking Kajang instead of KL! Its comfy & windy enough & better than the look out point in Ampang, this one serve tons of imported beers! And the menu is wide-ranged as well, serving from typical western cuisine to local cuisine to fresh seafood & "wok"-cuisines!

Chocolate milkshake coming up in a s h o e! Its definitely thicker than most chocolate shakes I drink outside!
Tropical fruit tea..
And Irene's hot honey lemon that come serving in an OldTown White Coffee cup =_="
Reason why we are here =_=" Mushroom soup.. Its not that its very good but its because of the c r a v i n g s again!
My must-have, baked escargots!
His must have, fried spring roll!
Smoked chicken..
Sizzling chicken chop & grilled prawns..
Guess what's thissssss!!??!
Cheese fondue! Yes! They serve this as well! If you like escargot sauces, try this! Its similar to that but only more cheesier.. But still, if you are to made it to my preference, I would want it to be even more cheeessyyy!

Night was spent with love, 3 of us laughing till all of us got cramps.. Definitely not a good thing for my Irene love! Grrr!! Double date soon *winks*

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time flies! Happy Birthday To-o-m-my!

Headed down Velvet last Friday for my pet brother's birthday after being MIA so long from any party scenes.. Was driving down alone when this thought flash into me..

"Same day, last year, I was heading down to Seven @ Melbourne, to attend the same fella's birthday with almost all the same faces. That was a year ago & yet, I realized how time flies & how much I miss Melbourne & most important of all, the people whom I had called my friends there! So much had happened since then but memories of what happened back then will always remain precious to me!"

Back to the picture.. oh.. topic.. That night was pretty crazy, first time in a whole freaking year that I managed to dance almost the whole night long! Drinks was downed pretty quickly & down the dancefloor we headed to! Bumped into many familiar faces as well, guess the party people in KL back then are still the party people right now! Was glad for that though!

Happy 22nd big boy! You own me golf lessons now!!
My one & only honey loves ♥
The long time no see ah moi, Victoria ♥
Jenn Lim who's back from Melbourne for the winter!
Met some kinky new friends too!
Went into OMG-mood when I saw this pic! How much more chubbier can my face get..!?!
The 2 girls who managed to make me dance whole night long.. Can't remember when was the last time I did that!
Ain't my pet brother lucky?
Cheers to Ausmat! Cheers to Melbourne peeps!

If only the others are here as welllll! Guess I will just have to wait till for the summer break for that to happen!

Hokkaido Ichiba @Gardens

The craving for Japanese food can never be satisfied & it comes all the time to me, hence a random trip down to Garden. Zanmai's was mad-packed as usual, being too lazy to line up, the boyf & I decided to try out Hokkaido Ichiba. Idk why, but the menu was suprisingly similar to Rakuzen's in some way, especially the side special menu. Service was way much better compared to Rakuzen @ Desa Park City though!

Craving for all these.. Teppanyaki beef, salmon sashimi *the sashimi is really fresh*, sushi..
Grilled scallop!
Boyf's unagi rice with clear soup..
Must have gyoza *boyf wants it every time he go any Jap restaurant*
Teriyaki chicken...
Food for both of us! Looking back at the pictures, I realize why I had gained so much weight recently! Hmmmm!!

Any good, healthy tips to diet besides exercise? Please do let me know!