Monday, January 10, 2011

The 1st date

Been too busy to blog these days. All my time goes elsewhere & 24 hours a day is no longer enough for me :) Gotta work hard for the future I want. Choices had been made by me to carved out a future I want so now regrets from now on walking down the path I paved myself :)

Back to the topic of this post. I find myself real forgetful these days & my blog since long ago, is no longer meant for the outside world but for me myself, a place I enclosed my memories, my thoughts which I looked back from time to time. We were talking about the back-then-in-Melbourne time & before I forget even a tiny weeny bit of details *which I already did* I just wanted to write down what I still remember so far because this is something that I never want to forget.

I already managed to forget the date (maybe 19th or 20th of August) which I can only say falls on the day Kenry had one of his small birthday drinking session at the Lion's Hostel. You made my day by asking me out for movie out of no where. We had been having conversations these days but some days you were cold, some days you were hot & I had always thought of you just like the weather in Melbourne, freaking unpredictable & crazy though I know the reason behind your act. I was debating deep down if I should go out with you because I know your still not over her but yet I still go for it, no idea why, just knew it was something I want.. Took the tram down to the city, all the way thinking of a lot of "what ifs" & at the same time, giving all sort of excuses to myself saying it's just a friendly thing *since I go out to movies with my guy friends as well*.

Reached Melbourne Central & waited for you as you were dragged for after dinner ice cream by your friends *though you don't eat ice cream*. You called me when you reached, went to meet you up & I was feeling really awkward deep down but tried to act cool =P Brought you together to meet up with my dearest guy friend in Melbourne aka Kenry Lo who was drinking in Lion Hostel & had birthday shots with him which warm me down a lil' & gave me some courage as well! Both of us headed for the cinema after, you bought tickets for Salt earlier on*well, we're debating heavily last night which was the first movie we watched together, you win kies!* so we spent time browsing through upcoming movies & was surprised when you told me you will accompany me again to watch Avatar *since you already watched it* as I haven't watched yet. Yes, I'm a totally outdated person. Shoot me! Didn't knew you planned on going out again with me & you made it sound truly promising =P

"Movie.. Movie.. Movie.." Ding ding! Done with movie, didn't go anywhere after, had to catch the last few trains back home.. Though it was really sweet of you :) You definitely made my day! And I was on a high back home for no reasons.. Must be the cupid shooting arrows here & there