Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just another piece of mind

I've a million things in mind.

But these days, I'm becoming forgetful & finding it harder & harder to express it in the right words.

Been going through so many, a little too much if you ask me, ups & downs these days, mostly downs but yet they teach me lessons that I never expect I'll learn..

Through this lessons, I saw the goods & the bads, the constants & the changes, the people who truly care & those who are good-for-nothings..

And never forget all the unexpected surprises that sprung up from all these, friendships I never expect, a boyf that proves otherwise, people's capability of doing more than I expected, both good & bad..

I pray for a better day each day, hoping the downfall will take a turn & heads back up.. Hope keeps me going on, love keeps me strong, endless care & support keeps me breathing, lessons that keeps me learning..

Making a better me :)

[I truly miss the capability of smiling straight from the bottom, smiles are something I had to plaster on my outlook these days but I'm sure, one day, I'll be able to smile once again & have my lessons learnt, making everything more precious than ever. Thanks for all the support my friends & the boyf had given me these days despite the family dramas I'm going through now. Praying & working hard to make it better.]

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Valentine's Day 2010♥

Know its a little too late to blog about Valentine, but am caught up with tons of messed up family affairs these days.. Not to forget 2 jobs & part-time studies can be killing enough for me.. That leaves me with practically no life provided I "snake" a little bit here & there! I'm definitely not going into my family affair right here, right now as it could keep me going for days & this post, like the first date one, was a memory to myself, a post dedicated to you neverless, for making me one of the happiest girl on Earth, not only for that day, but every moment with you.

I could remember how stressed I was that weekend, how many silly times I cried over the phone *Yes, I admit I'm a cry baby but its one of my best way to de-stress & I definitely recommend you people to try it out =P* You was really sweet about it, coo-ing, soothing me all the way & rode my emotional roller coaster with me :) On Sunday afternoon, during my research visits, you called me up, surprising me with an early Valentine date. Why surprised if you ask me? Many girls out there would had expect their boyfriend to celebrate anniversaries, Valentine's day, Christmas, etc. with them but never mine. He's the down-to-Earth-kind, never giving a damn on what festive it is, treating everyday as just another day to be cherished & loved. I was on the verge of cancelling the date as I was breaking down anytime due to stress & tiredness. But I went along :)

Brought me to Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill @Traders Hotel. Gobo is one of the hot spot around city for Valentine's Day for 2 - 3 years in a row according to the boyf. 2nd surprised, he did some serious research *so not him.. ahem!*
Valentine's Day menu is on for the Sunday as the following day would be the real day for Valentine.
Boyf ordered Maddess Orange, similar to tropical punch with soda as he doesn't really take any sort of alcohol except on occasions where only alcohol is served =P Definitely the drink for non-drinkers, opens up your appetite & refreshing enough :)
Had my share of champagne, complimentary for couples based on the Valentine's set & of course, I took my boyf's share willingly too =P
Served with freshly baked bread with their in-house specialty butter that melts the moment its in your mouth! Thumbs up to the bread & their famous butter!!
The one & only♥
Appetizers come in pacific oysters baked with cheese and..
..pink lamb feta on rocket♥
Saint Jacques in Orange Reduction
Luck must be on my side as well as for the 2nd course, my favorite was served!
Foie Gras with Black Truffle & Apple in Wine♥♥
White waiting for the soup to be served, I'm helping myself to the champagne..
And enjoying the night view.. Too bad, the KLCC view is only available at the lounge side, not the dining side but neverless, the view is awesome♥
Blue Potato Cream with Caviar in Mascarpone
Beetroot Veloute with Duck in Horseradish Cream
Boyf busy fussing over his cufflink, his first time wearing cufflinks b'cos I insisted on buying one of the shirts with cufflinks.. Guess he's addicted to it as me right now!
Sorbet to once again, open up the diner's appetite after all the creamy soups & tasty appetizers! Definitely a good choice!
Campari Tequila Sorbet
Blue Curacao Lemon Sorbet
Chilled Sea Bass Miso with Spiced Asparagus Tempura in Yuzu Butter Sauce
Angus in Pink Pepper in Bordeaux Sauce
Guess he enjoyed the food as much as I did. Take note, all the appetizers, soups & main courses are in the set itself & couldn't be chosen. The choice is to swap between the couple themselves as the female's courses & the male's courses are completely different beside the dessert..
Dessert served!
Both desserts are meant to be shared♥
Its also called "The Climax" but to put it simpler, its a chocolate tree with all kind of chocolates.. Definitely finger-licking-good♥
And not to forget the frozen strawberry & blueberry parfait♥
Moved over to the lounge side for dessert & coffee/tea to get the full city view & comfy lounge chairs that make us reluctance to leave..
They served really good coffee too for coffee lovers.. Revised back, for STRONG coffee lovers♥
I didn't know what's with the look though.. Lol!
Both of us♥
Kisses for the boyf who made my day♥

Headed for movie next with another 3 couples last minute at Pavilion. Was choosing between Sky Bar or movie but ended up with movie. Not much energy for drinks, hence, movie seems like a better choice =P

Had one of the best sleep that night with cuddles the whole night. Thought the surprised would had ended on the Sunday, was satisfied to the max with everything, feeling at the top of the world when I sent him off to work on the next day..

And this pop in front of my house during the noon! White & cream lilies, my favourite♥♥
Boyf was never a fan of gifts, one hand would be enough to count all the gifts he had given me since together for half year & he, the one who's always insisting that flowers is a waste of money as they withers, bought me this just to cheer/surprised me!
I'm a sucker when it comes to lilies.. The second favorites will be any white/cream-colour flowers♥♥
Thanks to the boyf for every little single thing he did.. And him, being the tentative him, was there for me every single day for the past few weeks, knowing that I needed him the most with all the happening around me, showering me with endless support & shoulders & hugs & kisses & loves♥

I truly thank God for giving me a chance to be with you again after all these years apart. And I'm definitely working extra hard for a future of you & me♥