Friday, April 26, 2013

Coco.Tei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine @ Jalan Delima

Since our first anniversary here, both of us fell in love with Coco.Tei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine & ended up as a regular here. Basically tried their everything but since I've stopped blogging for quite some time most pictures have gone missing but I happen to have the recent pictures hence here I'm! *This is actually my 2nd post on Coco Tei but it's seriously irresistable*

 Coco.Tei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine
:: Kaizen Gyoza ::
 :: Tofu Salad :: 
This is a must have every time I visit! Their self-made sesame sauce is absolutely good & the tofu is smoooottthhh....!

 :: Sashimi :: 
Am a big fan of shake sashimi but other than salmon, I'll always ask the chef to mix with what's the freshest/recently flow in to be mix with! Their sashimi is definitely one of the best in Kuala Lumpur! Not to forget their freshly grounded wasabi!
 :: Toro Sushi ::
Cost about RM 90++ for this 2 piece of sushi but if you're a big fan of toro, then its definitely worth it!
 :: Leisei Sanshoku Men ::
Just like what the pictures shows, you're given plain old yummylicious soba, their top graded thin udon & cha soba. Now this is definitely one of my favorite! Not to forget the fresh quail egg!
 :: Unagi Don ::
It comes in 2 sizes, the one ordered above is the small one which is roughly the size of a standard rice bowl.
 :: Golden Dragon , Spider Maki , Golden Triangle ::
Golden Dragon is what it seems like to be, unagi & avocado on the outer with teriyaki sauce wrapped around tempura prawns!  Whereas the outer of Golden Triangle is made up of semi-cooked salmon & salmon skin, wrapped around crispy soft shell crab with avocado sweet sauce.
:: Gindara Saiko ::
Grilled codfish with garlic sauce but suprisingly the garlic sauce is really light & goes just right with the fish. 

Some of the old pictures I still had & worth mentioning about! 
:: Grilled Wahyu Beef ::
Beef grilled medium-rare to a perfection state that just melts in your mouth!
:: Ebi Miso Mayonese ::
If you're a first timer in Coco.Tei you definitely have to go for this! Their own-made mayonnaise is definitely tops served together with slightly fried prawns! 
:: Foie Gras Special ::
Grilled foie gras layered with grilled eggplant with teriyaki sauce! If you're ready to splurge, why not go all the way!

Oh if you're ever thinking of celebrating for your birthday or any smaller scale event/function or just some special gatherings/dinner, you can always ask the chef to surprise you. Just let them know the number of pax & the budget for the whole thing! I had tried it & love it as well! 

Coco.Tei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine
No 5, GF-B, Jalan Delima,
55100, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 1800-88-6655
Operation Hours: 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (Lunch) 6:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. (Dinner)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bone & Pot a.k.a 有骨气

What's the best thing to eat on a cold rainy night? This would definitely be one of it! I am definitely not a big fan of steamboat but there's a few steamboat places I would willingly go to when my husband wants to eat it *he's a big fan of it*.

有骨气 a.k.a Bone & Pot

They offer up to 5 kind of broths to choose from but we always stick to their Signature Pork Bone Broth which both of us feel its their best!
 Their menu is basically the same as most other steamboat places BUT they do offer my favorite cheese sausages & the cheese ball thingy.. Fanatic of cheese as well.. Seafood tofu is a must! 
 My favorite in any steamboat place: fried beancurd skin!
 Their balls are homemade so if you're not a big fan of homemade balls opt for their mix platter which offer  2 each for each kind of balls..
If you're not afraid of fats, pork neck meat is the best! 

There's still much more in the menu but going in a pack of 2 means there's not much for both of us to order. Limited spaces in the stomach area =P Or if you're a person who love to try out everything in a little portion instead of ala carte, you can always order by pax where they mix it up for you. They have quite a few branches so its really convenient and the another plus plus point for it is that it opens till quite late, about 1 a.m. for late diners like me! 

Bone & Pot
No 41, Jalan Kuchai Maju 7, 
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-79811006
Opening Hours: 5 p.m. - 1 a.m.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello from mama Cristine & baby Nathan ♥

Greetings people! I have this weird sudden urge to blog back these days & taa daa here I'm! For the very few of my friends who stills come once in a blue moon you might find that I'm randomly appearing here again. There's so many changes in my life in the past 2 years.. Make that 3.. From coming back from Melbourne to completing a new course to changing jobs to being married & the most important, embracing motherhood & learning to love every single moment of it! 

I'm a proud mother of a 9 months old baby boy whom I posted about briefly last year! He's all grown up now *well in my eyes he's definitely growing too fast* hence I'm sharing a random few of his 3 - 6 months old picture! 
 Intoducing my naughty lil' fella, Nathan Tan Zack Loong
 When he was 3 months old & sleeping peacefully on my arms.. He weight about 7 kgs back then!
Apple of my eyes
 And yes, I manage to teach him the skill of camwhoring. Take any camera or phone, make sure you camwhore using the front camera & taa daa!! He will be staring straight into the camera!
On my birthday last year.. Introducing you all my happy little family^^

And your's truly...

Don't ask me what I want to blog about.. I have serious no idea but there's so much I would like to share and vent about.. My life's not perfect but going through motherhood & marriage & being a strong-headed-career woman like me is definitely not easy but at the same time, its all so wonderful.. And I found out there's so many friends who's joining me on motherhood & there's so many questions they have *I'm lucky to say I have a mother in law who's an expert in taking care of babies* & of course, all friends & strangers who are already senior in the motherhood area that willingly exchange & teach me wonderful things that is so useful! Hence, I will like to share it all out here again! And a occasional place for me to talk nonsense *you can all skip that* and be a very very proud mother uploading all my Nathan's picture. Yes, I'm that

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guess who am I?

Harlow everybody.. I'm making my first appearance on mommy's blog.. Guess nobody knows about me so I will first make an introduction of myself.

My name is Nathan Tan Zack Loong. I'm born on the 6th July 2012 @ 10:59 pm in Pantai Hospital Cheras. From my name, I'm obviously a baby boy! I'm mommy's latest addition in her life, and of course her most important one. You will be seeing more of me from now on! That's all for now. It's bed time.

Good night world!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The "grown-up"

Just how much more adorable can this THING get? She's now all grown up & ready to venture out of the world by herself & her tortoise backpack.. Not to forget her monkeys & golf club as well! Babies & children are one of the best gift God give us besides our life & they never failed to light you up & give you unconditional love.. So pure.. Bahhhh!!
My already 1 & a half years ago niece, Cally Cheng!
Got caught!
Indicating its time to give her more fingerlicious food again!!
Monkey #1
Monkey #1 & #2
All ready to go out nawhhhhh!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary baby boi♥

Another bits of my life that I try not to forget *hence if I really did, guess I could always make my recall back over here*. The title says it all! First anniversary with my baby boi last month! Nothing special or elaborate, did things the way we like it *having the need to work on that day was troublesome though*. But what's worth sharing with all of you guys will be the food! Absolutely-fingerlicous-licking-good Japanese food!

27th August 2011

Managed to get ourself stuck in the weekend jam down to the city which causes changes of plans. Was planning to head down to Pavillion for a cuppa of wine & some shopping first :(
Grumpy camwhoring♥
Coco Tei was the pick for the night. It was once known as Hajime if you guys happens to be a big fan of Japanese food. Changed name & places, but the food are still so damn good, that's for sure! Reserved a private room for the occasion, if you ever need privacy just do so. It just requires a minimum spending of RM500 or an extra charge of RM80 *if I'm not wrong* for a room :)
Their own-made sesame dressing salad. One of the best I've!
Absolutely fresh sashimi, salmon belly & hamachi fish♥
Tried out their chef's recommendation Japanese-style mini pizza..
Gyoza is a must have for bi♥
Grilled scallop in their special sauce, the sauce reminds me of the teppanyaki sauce I used to had back in Kampai @Chapel Street, Melbourne. Scallop are really big & fresh, definitely worth the price..
My Japan flown Kobe beef.. Best eaten in middle or middle rare.. It just melts in your mouth..
Another grilled dish, this time it will be sweet shrimp♥
Some unagi special roll♥
And another of my favorite, pan seared foie gras served with scallop.. But Olive @Genting still made the best foie gras♥♥
Last but not least, their ebi miso mayonese! If you don't try this, you will truly regret this!!
Camwhore while chilling.. Was too full/lazy to head to another spot hence, we ended up chilling, chatting in the comfy room♥
Happy girl I'm (n_n)
He was commenting on how ermm round I had gotten & called me a fishball (o_o)"
Attempted to take picture with the boy who hates doing so!
Failed attempt!
Ended up asking a waiter to take it for us..
You made me who I'm today, filling the gaps that was always a mystery to me, completing my life♥
Back home for our movie&snacks session♥
Goodnight peeps! Love the simple yet meaningful night we have.

It's not the things we do, or where we are, but its the things we talked & shared, the meaning where only both of us know that makes it special.