Saturday, November 20, 2010

21st Birthday♥

First, I would love to thanks for all the long distance calls, sms, tweets & facebook messages. There's not much of the kind of celebration you people are thinking off for me this year but more to some good quality time with my love ones♥ Something different, something memorable. Some things are meant to be simple yet the best♥ Losing interest in most things I used to be interested in yet I think, its time to start searching for new interests for another new stage of my life. Growing through life I put it, not going through life!

Slept pretty early on the birthday night eve, boyfriend made me switch off my phone & spent some quality time together, talking the night away. Alcohol being still the small part of me, spend the evening drinking with the family & the surprising part, the boyf who hated alcohol decided to join in as he was aiming to make me drunk for unknown reasons. His plan to surprise me failed because I managed to spoil it & a compromise is made between us regarding my birthday *which will be revealed in a month, maybe!*

Prepared for the day outing with the boyf. Just some simple quality time between the both of us♥
Brought me to Tomodachi @ Melbourne Central for late lunch. Was craving for Jap. Sushi as appetizers♥
His main, pork ramen minus ALL veges! He's definitely not a big fan of greens!
My soft shell crab bento set which portion was huge. Talk about stuffing myself up! Spend the remaining day shopping but ended up buying almost nothing. Even the boyf was surprised. Headed back to his crib for an evening nap =P Both of us are such lazy fellas, nearly missed waking up for dinner with the family at night!

Start off with a bottle of sparkling red from Gosling Creek. Taste really fruity & tangy, just the drink to get your appetite going! One of the thing I'm going to miss the most when I'm gonna be back in KL will be driving for hours with the brother to go wine shopping at wine yards! And if you guys ever pay a visit to Melbourne, wineyards located near Lorne are definitely worth dropping by for good quality fresh wines & its effing cheap!
Dinner was once again at Crystal Jade as the family & boyf are all big fans of Chinese food. Started off with winter melon soup as appetizer♥
3-cup-chicken in yam basket♥
Deep fried golden prawn (salt egg = gold)
Stir fried beans in minced pork & black beans
The family favorite, steam fish (I've no idea what's the name of the fish). Its an all time favorite of all my family members but remember, it always taste the best if only the fish is alive & swimming before its to be steam!! Fishes that are already dead tends to taste less fresh & the meat tends to lost its tender! Crystal Jade fishes are good♥
The family♥
Big kiss for the one & only brother♥
And my funky sister in law whom I heart so much♥
And the latest member of the family: Mr. Tan =_="
Kisses for my wine toooooo♥ Wine make my day *most of the time*
As usual, the boyf can talk for hours with the brother. They even talk on phone for hours when they are away from each other =_="
Thinking of what wishes to make when the cake arrives!
Make a wish♥
Oppps! Its more to I'm making a list of wissheess♥
Blow! Blow!
And the cake ceremony is officially over =X
The boyf never gets tired of bullying me. According to him, he has to bully me everyday in order for him to be happy. Knife to him!
Birthday cake for the year: Hazelnut Chocolate Sponge with Ferrero Rochers or something. Picked this because its the boyf favorite♥ A million thanks to Judy who had it special made♥
As usual, its hard to get my name right. Up until now, I had no idea why I insisted on a Cristine with H!
Headed back to the boyf's crib in the city. Staying over at his place for few nights to help him get packed up.
The sweetest girl on earth feels so guilty for not spending my b'day with me that she rushes down to the city right after her last paper. Had Brunch at Cervo for some catching up time♥
Sunny yet cold day!
B'day presents from her. She know me well enough♥
Loving it to the max♥
Complimentary birthday drink♥
Soo's big breakfast!
My fish & chip in beer batter♥
Puffy eyes..
And the best friend who never fail to make my day♥
Shopping & flowers as the tradition..
Thanks my love♥

Its pretty hectic these days. Helping my brother & sister in law in packing, getting stuffs sent back to Malaysia as they had decided to migrate back to KL. Gonna be MIA again! Till then, goodbye♥

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ello world :)

Ello world :) Feeling like I had been cut off from the society (more to the online network) for quite some time. These days, the brother & the boyf is too busy gaming & ended up hogging all internet lines which leave me with a laptop with no connection! And one of them *Idk who* decided to spoil my keyboard & one of the usb hubs too :( I have difficulties in typing now because the Y key is officially retarded! Been going through some rough time these days too but now, with the decision made & the support of the love ones behind me, its time to stand back up & carry on this new path ahead. I'm no fortune teller & have no idea on what will happen to me though :(

Friends had been calling, texting or whatever other means of communication me these days regarding my 21st! And I can say, there's no celebration for me this year. Just gonna spend some quality time with the family & boyf♥ And of course, few of my besties who are over here, maybe a simple dinner at some place we can talk & not get drunk. Don't really feel like celebrating with most of my lovelies not around. For me, its never the occasion or the venue or the activity that matter but the PEOPLE! Guess its going to be something quiet, something simple, something memorable this year...

Random picture from the dim sum outing with the boyf & the friends at Gold Leaf, Docklands♥ Definitely one of the best place for dim sum in Melbourne if you ever crave for dim sum while you're in Melbourne!

Gotta run! The boyf is nagging behind for me spending time blogging & not with him! Hehe! Much love from Melbourne♥