Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello from mama Cristine & baby Nathan ♥

Greetings people! I have this weird sudden urge to blog back these days & taa daa here I'm! For the very few of my friends who stills come once in a blue moon you might find that I'm randomly appearing here again. There's so many changes in my life in the past 2 years.. Make that 3.. From coming back from Melbourne to completing a new course to changing jobs to being married & the most important, embracing motherhood & learning to love every single moment of it! 

I'm a proud mother of a 9 months old baby boy whom I posted about briefly last year! He's all grown up now *well in my eyes he's definitely growing too fast* hence I'm sharing a random few of his 3 - 6 months old picture! 
 Intoducing my naughty lil' fella, Nathan Tan Zack Loong
 When he was 3 months old & sleeping peacefully on my arms.. He weight about 7 kgs back then!
Apple of my eyes
 And yes, I manage to teach him the skill of camwhoring. Take any camera or phone, make sure you camwhore using the front camera & taa daa!! He will be staring straight into the camera!
On my birthday last year.. Introducing you all my happy little family^^

And your's truly...

Don't ask me what I want to blog about.. I have serious no idea but there's so much I would like to share and vent about.. My life's not perfect but going through motherhood & marriage & being a strong-headed-career woman like me is definitely not easy but at the same time, its all so wonderful.. And I found out there's so many friends who's joining me on motherhood & there's so many questions they have *I'm lucky to say I have a mother in law who's an expert in taking care of babies* & of course, all friends & strangers who are already senior in the motherhood area that willingly exchange & teach me wonderful things that is so useful! Hence, I will like to share it all out here again! And a occasional place for me to talk nonsense *you can all skip that* and be a very very proud mother uploading all my Nathan's picture. Yes, I'm that

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